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Solar Charge Controller 10 A

Solar Charge Controller 10 A

  • Model: 12V/10A
  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Indicator of a battery charge: LED
  • Maximum charge current: 10A
  • Maximum own power consumption: 12mA
  • Short-circuit protection: Yes
  • Protection against reverse polarity: Yes
  • Operating temperature range: -200C ~ 600C
  • Plastic body
  • Weight 190 gm
SKU: NRGCC20200010
  • Charge Controller Basic


    • Prevent the battery from over-charging.
    • Prevent the battery from over-discharging.
    • Prevent the battery from supplying power to solar panels during nights.
    • Overloading protection.
    • Short circuit protection.
    • Reverse current protection.
    • Reverse polarity connection protection.
    • Lighting protection.
    • Over discharging protection.
    • Over charge protection.
    • Fully Automatic Operation
    • Suitable For all 12V Lamps
  • Delivery Charges

    Actual by Fedex or any other courier of your choice

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