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Solar AC and DC Distribution Combiner Box upto 20 kWp

Solar AC and DC Distribution Combiner Box upto 20 kWp





Polycarbonate box with transparent cover, IP 65 rating/ Powder coated metal box

DIN Rail

Standard quality

Fuse holder with fuse link for positive terminal

1000V, As per required current

Cable gland for input and output terminal

Polyamide PG Gland PG 21

End stoppers

As per requirement


1000 V, Class 2 or 3

Cable Gland for earth

Polyamide PG Gland PG16

Solar wire for connection

4sqmm 1000 VDC

Earthing terminal blocks

As per requirement

Terminal block for input and output

As per requirement


As per requirement


4 Pole, Class 2 or 3

System Price

Rs. 11,800* including GST


    Array Junction Box (AJB) also known as DCDB (Direct Current Distribution Box), component of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit. DCDB controls the DC power from Solar Panels and with having necessary surge protection device (SPD) and fuses to protect the solar panels strings and solar inverter from any type of damage. All switches at the circuit breakers, connectors confirm to IEC 60947, part I, II and III.


    The alternative current distribution box is a panel that receives the AC power generated by the solar inverter and receives ac power at different points using the distribution board. ACDB system also includes a surge protection device which prevents inverter or damage due to heavy voltage of electricity. The device is well recommended by MCCB, which immediately breaks the circuit and prevents high voltage power through distribution cables.) ACDB can vary depending on the strength of the load or inverter

    And this combiner box know as AC and DC DB Combiner box. It’s easy to install and operate

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