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Fresh Strawberry 75g Plastic jar

Fresh Strawberry 75g Plastic jar

ThicknessFilm: 110 µm
Package Contents1 Piece Contains 1x75g Fresh Strawberry Plastic Jar
IndicationPolishing After Scaling Removal of Dental Tartar
Consistency20 mm
NotesImages are for reference purpose only actual product may differ
Suitable ForPolishing Fillings & Removal of Tobacco & Food Stains
Item CodeNRG0213
Key Feature1. Oil Free Formulation.
2. Splatter Free Paste.
3. Fluoride Release Ofmula.
4. Excellent Stain Removal & Polishing.
5. Available in Five Different Flavors with Fine, Medium & Coarse Grit.
6. Sodium Flouride Conc: 1%.
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