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ETC Based 2000 LPD Solar Water Heater

ETC Based 2000 LPD Solar Water Heater


Solar Water Heaters are becoming quite popular these days. Through a lot of government support, marketing and subsidies these products have come a long way in India. They have become quite affordable now and many people have started adopting solar water heaters for their water heating needs. Many big brands have now started making (& selling) solar water heaters in India. And some of them are also available online on e-commerce platforms.

Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) based 2000 LPD Solar Water Heater System Specification:





2000 LPD



Number of Vacuum Tube

200 Nos

Max. Water TDS

Upto 200 ppm

Outer glass tube diameter

58 mm

Inner glass tube diameter

47 mm

Length of the cacuum tube

1800 mm


Flat, Hot Dip Galvanizing

Angle of stand

30 degree

Hot Water Storage Tank

1 No (SS 304L)

Insulation type

45 mm High density PUF Insulation

M. S. Stand for Storage Tank and collector

1 Set (Hot Dip Galvanizing)

Electrical Backup Heater

1.5 kW (thermostat control) at extra cost

All other required hardware

Will be provided

System Price

Rs. 1,8900* including GST @ 5%






  • Delivery and Installation

    Delivery and Installation

    Delivery within 10 days from date of order and Installation whithin 7 days from date of delivery

    Delivery and Installation Charge

    As per site location.

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